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Pink ham. White horses. Grey stones. Wiltshire’s got the lot.

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Days out in Wiltshire

The home of Stonehenge has more prehistoric monuments than any other English country and 40% of it’s an official Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. A decent double-whammy then.

Salisbury’s worth a visit for its lovely cathedral (huge tower) and villages like Tisbury and Castle Coombe are so cute and sleepy, you almost expect the locals to be Hobbits. They’re not though.

If you’ve done Stonehenge and want to sample more mystic prehistoric vibes, Avebury’s 4600-year-old stone circle is the biggest one in Britain. And those white horses? There are eight in all, but the ones on Bratton Down near Westbury, the Marlborough Downs near Cherhill, and Broad Town near Royal Wooton Basset are chef’s kiss.

And how about that ham? Pop into Walter Rose & Son in Devises for the high-grade stuff.

Did you know...

Did you know?

In the village of Cricklade, there’s a sign that says, ‘In 1832 on this spot nothing happened’. At least they’re honest.


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England’s tallest cathedral. The world’s most famous stone circle. And, the oldest escalator on the planet.

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