Our guide to the best days out in... Scotland

Once you’ve seen spots like Dunbartonshire’s Loch Lomond, you’ll know why glossy travel mags vote Scotland the world’s most beautiful country.

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Days out in Scotland

But the people make it even better. Weegies welcome you to Glasgow with cheeky banter. Highlanders sing Gaelic songs. Largs Scottish-Italians serve legendary ice cream. Nom nom.

Did someone say ‘dramatic scenery’? Enter Edinburgh’s castle-topped volcano and the three mahoosive bridges over the River Forth. Head through Fife and you can stop off at home of golf St Andrews. Then hop over the Tay to Dundee’s V&A design museum (looks like a lost spaceship).

Kids love Scotland’s parks, pools and (sometimes gruesome) historic attractions. Adults love the whisky, culture, and romantic scenery. Either way, you’re onto a winner.

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A little more into about Scotland

The official animal of Scotland is the unicorn - who knew?! We thought it was the wild haggis...


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Explore within Scotland


Wedged between Fife and the Scottish Borders, Midlothian is a bulging sporran of city attractions and beautiful countryside.

West Dunbartonshire

Lochs. Castles. creepy ruins. West Dunbartonshire ticks all the typical Scottish tourist boxes – with a bit more besides.

Looking further afield?

Explore other areas

North West

World-class music. Super sport. Best soaps on the telly. Pack more into the North West and you’d push it into the Irish Sea.

West Midlands

Nowhere else in Britain could bring us Lenny Henry, Caitlin Moran and Ozzy Osbourne.


There’s more to Yorkshire than hills, farms, and fields. As nice as they are.

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