UK Historical Attractions

History buffs, holla. We’ve got tickets for the UK’s best historical attractions. Try Warwick Castle (one of Britain’s finest medieval fortresses, if you ask us) or, if you think you’re hard enough, book the Dungeons. Don’t say we didn’t warn you though.

Warwick Castle

Romance. Murder. Bloodthirsty battles. Most castles have exciting histories – but the here and now can sometimes be more ‘meh’ than ‘yeah’. Not at... Keep reading

The York Dungeon

With a weird (but strangely wonderful) mix of horror and history, York Dungeon is scary without being totally nightmarish. It’s exciting too – there’s... Keep reading

The London Dungeon

You know those people who enjoy being scared out of their skin? Well, The London Dungeon is a dream (or nightmare) come true for... Keep reading

The Edinburgh Dungeon

From body-snatchers Burke and Hare to cannibals like Sawney Bean and sword-wielding warriors like William Wallace, Scotland has more than its fair-share of bloodthirsty... Keep reading

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon is currently closed, but you can still plan your next visit, read our tips and tricks and see what the fuss is about by clicking here.

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