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History Buffs, This Way – Discover the Top 5 UK Historic Attractions

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When you really think about it, Britain’s history is so saucy is would even make Love Island fans blush. Scandalous behaviour from the royals (yep, we watched The Crown), bloodthirsty raids by hairy Vikings and, well, we won’t even get started on the Roman’s favourite pastime. Apparently, the togas were optional, if you catch our drift.

Fancy experiencing some of it for yourself? No judgement here. Luckily, there are history-steeped attractions up and down the UK that bring the past to life even better than the telly.

Warkwick Castle

Warwick Castle is the perfect mix of beauty and brutality. There’s a lovely Victorian rose garden before you reach the two sets of ancient portcullis protected by murder holes above (for throwing dung and dead bodies down at attackers). It’s quite the juxtaposition.

The 14th century Caesar’s Tower is cracking too, but what really sets Warwick Castle apart are its events. Forget boring guided tours - think jousting tournaments, battle re-enactments, archery and falconry all year round. Winner.

**Fancy learning more about the gruesome history of the royal family? Visit the Tower of London for all the latest and greatest goss.

Buckingham Palace

Whether you’re a die-hard Royalist or not, Buckingham Palace is still a pretty cool place to tick off your historical attractions hitlist. It’s surprisingly good for young ones too.

Children under 5 get in for free and there’s a cool (and kid-friendly) multimedia experience where Rex the Corgi is the tour guide, teaching you all about the Palace’s history. Highlights include the Throne Room and Ballroom (big enough to hold 84 double-deckers), plush Marble Hall and Palace Garden.

Do Royal Palaces tickle your fancy? We reckon you need to add Royal Hillsborough Castle and Gardens, Hampton Court Palace and Kensington Palace to your list.

The Edinburgh Dungeon

Edinburgh’s really beautiful. But all those old buildings make it pretty creepy too.

If you want to really ramp up the fright factor, The Edinburgh Dungeon takes you on a tour through the dark side of the Scottish capital’s history. You’ll meet body snatchers Burke and Hare in Greyfriar’s Kirkyard. Have lunch at cannibal Sawney Bean’s cave. And feel what it was like to freefall from the gallows on the Drop Dead ride. You know that feeling in your stomach? Yeah, that’s guaranteed.

P.S They also have other dungeons scattered across the country, like York Dungeon, London Dungeon and Blackpool Dungeon.

Titanic Belfast

Loads of us nowadays know the story of the Titanic through the 90s movie with Leo and Kate. Nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t beat a visit to Titanic Belfast when you want the gospel about the world’s most famous ship (and why it sank).

In this interactive experience you find out about boomtown Belfast in the early 20th century, take a ride through the shipyards, find out about the ship’s 5-star fit out and experience the shock of its sinking. Lots of amazing original Titanic artefacts along the way too – like the last lunch menu first class passengers enjoyed the day the ship hit the iceberg.


This circle of massive standing stones near Salisbury isn’t just a summer solstice meeting spot for the hippies, it’s Britain's most mysterious historical site. Seriously, how did it actually get there?

Well, legend has it, they were assembled by giants in Ireland and then some wizard named Merlin magically transported them to where they are today. Other folklore tale says they were ruins of the Roman temple, and that they were put up with invading Danes. The jury’s still out on that one.

Stonehenge is also part of English Heritage, you can save 15% on an annual English Heritage membership to enjoy unlimited access to hundreds of historic places!

If you’re a Great British history buff, these attractions will totally tickle your fancy. You’re welcome.

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