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3 things worth shouting about:

  1. You’ll see real-life torture devices – like thumbscrews, the rack, and the iron maiden.
  2. The dirty, stinky cells prisoners were thrown into are here too.
  3. It’s bang in the middle of London, on the South Bank of the Thames. In case you need a drink afterwards.

Tickets from £8.00

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The Clink Prison Museum tips and tricks


Tracey says

"Not ideal for younger kids"

The details at the museum can get quite gory so may not be best for younger kids.


Ann says

"Great for history lovers"

This is the place for you if you're into gory history. The layout was great and really informative.


Sue says

"Free photo!"

You can get a photo at the end and download it for free - well worth doing.

What to expect at The Clink Prison Museum

Horrible history in one of England’s oldest prisons

You’ve heard of someone being ‘thrown in the clink’, right? This is where the nickname came from.

Nowadays, it’s a museum – not a working prison – that gives you an idea of what it was like for the people locked up here. Thieves, prostitutes, you name it. Buy Clink Prison Museum tickets and see it all for yourself.

It dates back to 1144 when the treatment of prisoners was much more, ahem, brutal. The torture instruments on display are enough to prove that. Like the iron maiden, a metal coffin with razor-sharp spikes designed to crush convicts to death. Shudders

The cells aren’t much nicer than the torture chamber. The replica prison cell with its stark bare walls and clanking chains might make death-by-spikes sound appealing compared to a life sentence.

So, here’s an ‘alternative’ parenting tip – if your little darlings have been playing up recently, threatening to leave them in this hellhole usually makes them change their tune. For a while at least.

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How to get toClink Prison

1 Clink St, SE1 9DG, London

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Clink Prison Opening Times

Mon - Sun 10am-6pm

Please note - all opening times are subject to seasonal changes.

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The Clink Prison Museum at a glance

The Clink Prison Museum is an attraction based in London. It is listed in Tourist Attractions Historical Attractions . We have tickets available starting at £8.00.

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Here are the questions people are asking about The Clink Prison Museum

How much are The Clink Prison Museum tickets?

Prices vary based on time and date of your visit, at The Clink Prison Museum tickets start from £8.

How long does it take to do The Clink Prison Museum?

We recommend around an hour to take it all in!

Is The Clink Prison Museum accessible?

Unfortunately, The Clink Prison Museum is not wheelchair accessible due to it being located in a historic building.

There are a set of stairs leading down to the entrance of the museum and the floor through the museum is uneven and have a cobbled effect.

Are there toilet facilities at The Clink Prison Museum?

There aren’t any toilets on site but you will be directed to a pub approximately a 4 minute walk away (who are very friendly and will let you use the toilets without buying a drink!) and then let you back in to the museum.

Is The Clink Prison Museum suitable for children?

There are some potentially scary displays (think heads on spikes and torture equipment) so may not be suitable for very little ones but children around 7+ (who like gruesome history!) would love it.

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