St Paul's Cathedral tickets and tips

3 things worth shouting about:

  1. London wouldn’t be the same without St Paul’s iconic dome. It’s 365 feet high and 142 feet wide.
  2. There have been 4 cathedrals here – since way back in 604 AD.
  3. If you fancy it, you can attend a service (they’re still held daily).

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What is there to do at St Paul's Cathedral?


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St Paul's Cathedral tips and tricks


Charlie says

"Go early to avoid the crowds"

Visit in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the crowds as it can get really busy here


Grover says

"The inside is a must see!"

I've only ever admired the outside of the cathedral before (which is equally impressive!) however the inside is an absolute must-see! The art and architecture is incredible and there are many famous Britons buried in the crypt.

What to expect at St Paul's Cathedral

Got to say it, St Paul’s Cathedral is pretty tough. Over the years, it’s survived wars, fires and neglect, tumbling down and rising up until good old Sir Christopher Wren got the job of rebuilding it into its current form in 1668.

Even if you’ve never been before, you’ve definitely seen it on the telly – it’s where Charles married Diana and William married Kate – and it’s even lovelier inside than out. There are guided and self-guided tours (in lots of languages) that take you from way down in the Crypt right up the Stone and Golden Galleries. And you can even see fancy bits not usually open to the public, like the Geometric Staircase and the Quire. Get your St Paul's Cathedral to see it for yourself.

As you stroll along, you can check out amazing artwork by the likes of Bill Viola and Henry Moore, and The Collections has lots of interesting info about people who fought for justice over the years (and have some sort of St Paul’s connection – (like John Howard and Martin Luther King).

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Facilites you'll find at St Paul's Cathedral

  • Dine-in Restaurant(s)
  • Toilets

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How to get toSt Pauls Cathedral

St. Paul's Churchyard, London EC4M 8AD, London

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St Pauls Cathedral Opening Times

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Here are the questions people are asking about St Paul's Cathedral

How much are St Paul's Cathedral tickets?

Prices vary based on time and date of your visit, at St Paul's Cathedral tickets start from £20.50.

How long does it take to visit St Paul's Cathedral?

We recommend around 2 hours for your visit.

Is there a dress code for St Paul's Cathedral?

There is no obligatory dress code for St Paul's Cathedral in London. However, since it is a religious place, visitors are expected to dress moderately.

Are there toilets at St Paul's Cathedral?

Yes, there are accessible toilets in the crypt level.

Does St Paul's Cathedral have a cafe?

St Paul's Cathedral has a restaurant and a cafe on-site that serves food & drink.

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