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3 things worth shouting about:

  1. At 15 metres square, this place has the world’s biggest monopoly boards.
  2. It’s immersive, with loads of cool props that turn the classic game into a 4D experience.
  3. The prize isn’t just Monopoly money. You can win merch, gift cards and even cash!

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Sarah says

"Staff were amazing with our Autistic son!"

My 13-year-old son is autistic and gets very overwhelmed with small spaces, games with time limits, loud noises etc. he started to get very frustrated after the 2nd game due to the time pressure so we let the staff know this and they were incredible, they gave him a role and made him part of the team without him having to complete the tasks and he settled back down and really enjoyed it which then helped me, my husband and eldest child enjoy the experience too. This means so much to families of neurodiverse children and I can’t recommend the experience highly enough.


Marie says

"Put your things in the lockers to fully enjoy the games"

Having lockers to put your coats/bags in really helped as you were then unencumbered and able to enjoy all the games properly.

What to expect at Monopoly Lifesized

Go big with Britain’s favourite board game

Snapping up shedloads of property. Bankrupting friends and family. Buying your way out of jail. Monopoly has an uncanny knack for making us turn ruthless.

Monopoly Lifesized brings all the important bits of the game up to real-life scale, in a space right in the middle of London. The rules are basically the same as you’re used to at home, except you choose from four different themed boards. Get your Monopoly Lifesized tickets here to play for yourself!

How does that work? The Luxury Board takes you inside Mr Monopoly’s bank and on to casinos and fancy auctions, with a laser challenge thrown in. The City Board’s got famous London landmarks and a dance-off challenge. The classic board’s a race against the clock via places like Fleet Street and Whitehall. And the Own it All Board takes greed to new levels, as you race around with moneybags, steal paintings and backstab your mates until you run the city.

Plus, you can all have a chilled drink at the onsite bar afterwards (if you’re still on talking terms).

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Facilites you'll find at Monopoly Lifesized

  • Serves Alcohol
  • Dine-in Restaurant(s)
  • Toilets
  • Lockers

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How to get toMonopoly Lifesized

Monopoly Lifesized, 213-215 Tottenham Ct Rd, London W1T 7PS, London

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Monopoly Lifesized Opening Times

Tuesday-Friday 12pm-11pm

Saturday 10am-11pm

Sunday 10am-10:30pm

Please note - all opening times are subject to seasonal changes.

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Monopoly Lifesized is an attraction based in London. It is listed in Interactive Experiences Days Out for Adults .

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Here are the questions people are asking about Monopoly Lifesized

How much are Monopoly Lifesized tickets?

Prices vary based on time and date of your visit, at Life-sized Monopoly tickets start from £49.

How does Monopoly Lifesized work?

Complete challenges, build houses, charge rent, escape jail and even control London's waterworks as you travel around the lifesized board earning as much money as you can by completing escape room style challenges.

What is the nearest tube to Monopoly Lifesize?

The nearest tube station is Goodge Street which is served by the Northern Line. Tottenham Court Road (Central Line and the Elizabeth Line) and Warren Street (Victoria Line) are both within a short 10-minute walk.

What is the age limit for Monopoly Lifesize?

Minimum age for Monopoly Lifesize is 9.

What happens when I arrive at Monopoly Lifesize?

You will be welcomed at the doors of Monopoly Lifesized before the start of the game you’ve booked for. The main foyer will be open for a limited time before every game, so you should aim to arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes before the start of your allotted game time.

Is Monopoly Lifesize wheelchair accessible?

Monopoly Lifesized is a physical game requiring you to participate in moving around the board and completing escape room challenges. All boards are wheelchair accessible, however there are some games that are not possible for wheelchair user participation.

How long does Monopoly Lifesize take?

The game takes place over 80 minutes including a briefing at the start.

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